Why Us

Don't Get Duped by False Promises, Get a Trusted Partner for Your Business

Why Us?

SEO and search engine optimisation is something that has become a rather tired term, especially as it seems that every man and their dog seems to be promoting themselves as SEO experts.

So how do you choose the SEO expert to go with and what are the costs involved?

Its difficult to try to communicate clearly to you as a prospective client why our version of SEO is better than anyone else’s here on Planet Earth.
You are unlikely to spot the difference unless you were to create two completely separate and non-connected projects and were to task us and another company with the same job of making it shine online. Then you would clearly see what we mean; however you are not likely to ever do that.
Almost every SEO company out there does at least the bare bones initially to give you some sort of measurable result, and that is where for many, it stops. They then continue to take their monthly retainer and do next to nothing to earn it going forward. They don’t know enough generally to give themselves work to do to make a difference.

Waxing lyrical about what the others may or may not do is not going to necessarily swing you our way and to become our newest client. Suffice to say, we have never had a complaint from a client and we have always delivered a minimum of what is promised, but usually a whole lot more.
We can’t put a price on our passion, but that is what you get included when we are taking care of your online business and SEO. We delve deep into your niche and study the competition, learn and understand the business and then help you become the authority, the Go To firm for your niche.

All you can be thinking of at this stage is “Yeah ok – but at what price?”

And we can say the cost is very low if you are not in a rush, and the price climbs steadily the faster you want to achieve your end goal.
And why is that?

The more we need to do, the more hours per month we need to put in, and despite our mutual love and respect for you and your business, we all need to earn a living.

Just lets say this – we will get to grips with your business; we will work on sealing up all the holes in your bucket that we find in either your website or sales funnel or both.

Here is one dramatic statement for you to take away with you whilst you ponder if we are the team you want on board:
We guarantee to make a positive difference to your online presence, to increase your search engine findability, and your enquiries. We also guarantee that if you give us the opportunity to work even closer with you – we will help you increase your sales.

Now you can go and talk to all the others that you can find, listen to their promises, buy into their stories of how good they are, and then eventually one day when you notice that they are making little to f*** all difference, you can come back to us and we can once again explain our way of doing business.

All you will have lost is however many months and however much money you have paid to the others that you have chosen to make you shine online.
We have never yet failed to make immediate suggestions and improvements to anyone’s online presence regardless of how long they have been using some other agency, company or individual to fulfil the task of SEO and online reputation management.

Why is that?
Simply because we firmly believe that we are the best, however, that’s what we think.
We can tell you this, we are probably the best DMA (digital marketing agency) in the world! Try us – you will not be disappointed!

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