Party Planner –Spain (PPS)

Party Planner –Spain (PPS)

Party Planner –Spain (PPS)

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PPS is a very sweet story of success, where the owner was parent to a child at school with one of our Director’s children. The morning coffee chit chat led to an introduction and it moved from there.

PPS wanted to secure more business. They already had a website, they had been paying some web master around £600 per month however PPS felt it was not doing anything marvellous in terms of its presence, and felt they were just another “run of the mill” company touting for business on the internet.

It was made clear by PPS that they did not have a lot of money to spend on marketing, and they voiced several times that we should not get too busy developing plans that would incur high costs.

(What is it that makes clients scared of costs? Are we projecting an image of “unaffordable consulting services”? Maybe potential clients have experienced failure from utilising other supposed experts and so think we must be expensive if we are going to actually do the job successfully. Hopefully we will address that in our case studies!)

This was duly noted and we set about conducting a full online audit of the niche industry, the competition, and PPS.
Focusing on what had to be done, we presented PPS with a plan which involved tweaking the website to make it far more “findable”, a content creation strategy, linking social media platforms and taking a far more “appealing position” in how PPS projected themselves. After a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing we agreed upon a plan of action to run over a six month period after which time things would be revised for the next year.

The spend initially for PPS was the very conservative sum of £900 per month. This was affordable and gave PPS a chance to appreciate the difference that having us on board was making in terms of enquiries and subsequent party bookings.

After a couple of months of us applying our “magic & sparkle” to the online presence of PPS, their website had moved from “run of the mill” obscurity to becoming a bit of an authority. PPS were seen by the search engine algorithms to be actively engaged in party planning, and so the PPS website was rapidly climbing the SERPS (search engine results pages) for just about every related keyword.

PPS moved their focus from the short term “let’s make some noise” style of marketing to a far more professional, mature, and long-lasting approach where they were building strong organic presence.

PPS reckoned that they pulled in more than 15 extra parties in the first 3 months that they were using us as their Digital Marketing Agency, and in terms of their return on investment, their order book had swollen by around £63,000, thus by their calculations, it was working, we were delivering.

PPS increased their spend after just 6 weeks. They took advantage of our content creation services and decided upon accelerating everything we had planned. We started a small but meticulously managed “pay per click” campaign of £1000 per month and we increased the content production. Over the initial 3 month period, PPS had spent including the PPC spend a total of £7,500. As the PPS boss said, the total spend had been covered just by the £10,000 in deposits taken for the future parties, and they still had another £50k plus on the books. PPS have now branched into wedding planning and their reputation is stronger than ever.

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