Property Developer UK (TPD)

Property Developer UK (TPD)

Property Developer UK (TPD)

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TPD approached us because they were looking to swell the numbers of enquiries that they were receiving each day.
They understood that the only thing preventing them from doing more business was to have more qualified inbound leads.
Already using telesales, and generating additional leads from airport and shopping mall booths, they sought to add a marketing spoke to the wheel through online marketing.

TPD had been recommended via a mutual client for whom we had successfully built a positive online reputation.
The great thing about working with TPD was that they were already fully conversant with how marketing worked and had no issues in spending money to get the results they required to meet their expansion plans.

We agreed a monthly retainer and an initial online spend and we went to work, firstly creating relevant landing pages, analysing the “pay per click” keywords and competition, improving the searchability of their website and generally boosting their online presence.
Within three months, TPD had built up their sales team to such a size that they moved offices and then in the following 8 month period, opened additional offices in other countries to service the client growth.

As a case study, what TPD gained was a very well managed online presence which has subsequently over the years taken them to become leaders in their field.

None of our online marketing programs ever fail. The sales income generated from a well-managed online marketing campaign should represent a minimum of 5 times the marketing spend. This is a very conservative “rule of thumb” and depending upon your industry, the Return on Investment can be very much higher. With TPD, their achieved sales total (ROI sales to spend) was 300 times more than their spend.

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